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Training plus team spirit equal a rewarding half-century at this company

Posted on 17 August 2016 12:02 PM by lloyd1t

I started with the company in the same year England won the World Cup, as an apprentice electrical fitter, aged just 16. Back in my apprentice days, they said that if you stayed for the first five years, then you would stay for the rest. Well, that certainly turned out to be true in my case!

50 years’ service
Collecting my long service certificate for 50 years’ service recently was a nice chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances; it’s never great when you ring up someone only to find out that they’ve retired, so events like this are a very nice idea by the company. To be honest, I felt a touch of deja-vu too, as I’ve also been at events for 30 and 40 years’ service.

Health and Safety Act of 1974
The industry has changed a lot during my career but the biggest change has been the regulatory impact; the Health and Safety Act of 1974 was a big shake-up of how we did things and workplace safety has benefitted us all. I’m grateful for the training I received at the start of my career; the experienced guys passed on great knowledge which you don’t always appreciate at the time, but it shows its value over time. That’s one tip I’d pass on to colleagues who are starting out in the trade today: take notice of the experienced staff!

New opportunities
One excellent point about UK Power Networks is that good training is available, which means you always have the chance to improve your skills -  although the training sessions do seem take place on inconvenient days! But this training means you don’t have to be doing the same job, every day of your life. It creates new opportunities.

Great camaraderie
I’ve been asked if I’m going to retire, but I intend to keep on working for as long as I am able to do the job and still enjoy it. It’s challenging and the camaraderie with all my colleagues is great. When the chemistry in a team is good, why would I want to retire? The various changes in my career has given me a lot of satisfaction down the years.

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