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Ten tips for securing an apprenticeship

Posted on 12 March 2015 10:55 AM by barbo1e

We know that the recruitment process can be a rather daunting experience, and here at UK Power Networks we want to help you prepare.

If you are looking to apply to our apprenticeship programme this blog offers ten top tips to help with the process. 

Tip 1 – Research
Before you submit your application, research UK Power Networks and the role you are applying for to ensure it is something you genuinely want to do.

Tip 2 – Stand out from the crowd
Ensure your application really tells the recruiter something about you and why they should give you the opportunity to progress to the next stage.

Tip 3 – Back to basics
Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors as they stand out a mile if they aren’t right. 

Tip 4 – Practice
Complete a number of practice assessments first to give yourself the best opportunity to perform well in aptitude tests.

Tip 5 – Online interviews
Sometimes we ask candidates to complete an online video interview. Treat it the same as if it were face-to-face. Prepare answers for anticipated questions and dress appropriately - wearing casual clothes doesn’t give the best first impression.

Tip 6 – Face-to-face interviews
When attending any interview ensure you turn up ready, on time and dressed appropriately. Plan your journey to the assessment centre and make sure you have key contact numbers to hand so that if you are going to be late you can let someone know. 

Tip 7 – Make the most of it
Often organisations, such as ours, ask key people in the business to attend assessments. During breaks, take the opportunity to talk to them about their role in the business and what they expect from employees.

Tip 8 – Remain a team player
Employers are always looking for individuals who show they can contribute their own ideas as well as value the opinion of their peers and colleagues. If you do a group assessment try not to fall into the trap of being carried away by the group or talking over others to stand out. 

Tip 9 – Time to get down to the detail
Really show your potential if you reach the final interview stage. Prepare for an in-depth interview with more challenging questions. In addition, be prepared to expand on things such as your CV and the answers you gave in your original application.

Tip 10 – Feedback
Regardless of the outcome it is important to request feedback. If you are unsuccessful you can discuss areas of improvement to work on ahead of future interviews. If you are successful it is important to understand whether the assessors identified any shortcomings so that you can make improvements as part of your personal development plan. 

If you are prepared and follow these top tips you will give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Good luck with your application!

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