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Engaging with our stakeholders and customers means finding out the issues that matter most to them. By incorporating their views, we can then work out how best to invest for the future.

We’re constantly looking to improve our performance using your feedback, so we approach this process in four clear steps:

  1. Plan – First, we identify our stakeholders and customers and plan the best way to engage them in a two-way dialogue.
  1. Prepare – We check what interests our stakeholders and customers and make ourselves available.
  1. Implement – We engage and correspond with our stakeholders and customers using a range of channels, including online interaction and face-to-face meetings to capture their feedback.
  1. Act, review and improve – We then produce and publish our reports online, feeding back to the customers who contributed to them. We also keep customers updated on our progress and any action plans for the future.

Download our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Our stakeholders include our customers and are anyone affected, or that could be affected, by our activities, services or associated performance.

The aim of our stakeholder engagement is to achieve outcomes that benefit us all – something that we see as crucial to delivering on our company vision.

Which is why we seek to involve our stakeholders in identifying, understanding and making decisions on how we operate and maintain an efficient electrical distribution network that we can all depend on.

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