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From Listening to our Connections customers

Flexibility Roadmap
Flexibility is the future for electricity networks. The UK Power Networks Flexibility Roadmap looks at radical proposals to drive the market for flexibility services and helping to reduce our customer’s bills. 

We’re proposing to adopt a ‘flexibility first’ approach to delivering additional network capacity, which we believe will lead to lower costs and increased renewable energy on the network through more competition. We want to know what you think about our proposals and our consultation is open until 8 October 2018. Read our Flexibility Roadmap.

Flexibility Services - Procurement 2018/19

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Useful documents:

Flexibility Services - Product Definition

Invitation for Expression of Interest

The expression of interest (EoI) document identifies ten network locations where flexibility could potentially be of benefit to the network. For each of these locations, we provide indicative requirements.

Distributed energy resources capable of adjusting how much they consume or generate can support the local distribution network at times of high electricity demand, and receive payment from UK Power Networks in return. These resources can be generators, consumers, and electricity storage connected to our networks that can increase exports (generate more) or reduce imports (consume less) when instructed.

To register interest in this tender round, and to apply for pre-qualification, please send your completed questionnaire to by 8 Sep 2017.

Flexibility Services - Invitation for Expression of Interest
Expression of Interest postcodes
Expression of Interest questionnaire

Flexibility Service Design consultation

These are exciting times for our industry. The nation’s journey to a low carbon economy is revolutionising the way we produce, distribute and consume electricity.

Whilst we continue to operate and invest in the network to maintain a safe, secure, and sustainable power supply to 8 million homes and businesses, we need to make use of smart, flexible, and innovative techniques to ensure delivery of our outputs, minimise the cost impact on consumers, and manage the increased complexity of this low carbon world.

At UK Power Networks, we believe that customer flexibility will be central to facilitating a smarter, flexible energy system.

Our flexibility programme is looking to utilise response from generators, demand side providers, and electricity storage resources connected to our networks to support efficient network planning and operations.

We are consulting to gather stakeholder views on a number of areas to shape the nature of the flexibility contracts we put in place, in particular:

  • The design of the payment structures, including the use of availability windows;
  • The compatibility with other system services, and the means of avoiding conflicts;
  • The use of performance incentives, including the use of baselining;
  • The treatment of new service providers, and in particular the interaction with the connections process;
  • The timeline of procurement proposed for each tender round, and
  • The approach to assessing received tenders.

At a time of unprecedented change in our industry and in society generally, it is more important than ever that we listen, collaborate and share. Engagement is central to UK Power Networks’ business strategy.

Please send all responses back using the response form to by 4 August 2017 - the consultation is now closed.

Flexibility Service Design consultation document
Flexibility Service Design consultation feedback form
Design consultation responses summary document