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If your power’s off, we can keep you updated with text messages.

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Useful help sheets

All our Help Sheets have been collected on one, easy-to-navigate page. 


Application forms
Application for an electricity connection (projects) [pdf]

Application for a new electrical connection – Small Service [pdf]

Application for temporary connection or to alter existing electrical connection – Small Service [pdf]

Do you need your electricity supply disconnected? [pdf]

General downloads
The connections process (projects) [pdf]
Understanding your quote - works over 70kVA [pdf]
Working in public highways (projects) [pdf]
Terms and conditions for connection and diversionary works [pdf]
Terms and conditions for connection and diversionary works (small services) [pdf]
The Competition in Connections Process [pdf]
Building Network Operators (BNOs) guide [pdf]
Getting reconnected after a fire or flood [pdf]
Quotation Accuracy Scheme [pdf]
Metering and Electricity Suppliers [pdf]
Our connection standards of performance from 1 April 2015 [pdf]
Did you know you have a choice? [pdf]
A guide to understanding consents [pdf]
Our prices for new electricity supplies in London [pdf]
Transport for London Lane Rental Scheme [pdf]
Kent County Council lane rental scheme {pdf}
Design Standards EDS 06-0014 - Secondary substation earthing design {pdf}
Design Standard Change EDS 08 0143 - Customer Supplies above 100A {pdf}
Design standard EDS 08-0118 - Supplies to multi-occupied buildings {pdf}
Your Connection to do list [pdf]
Getting connected guide (small services) {pdf}
Electricity (Connection Charges) Regulations - Second Comer Regulations [pdf]
New Combined Cut-Out & Current Transformers (CT) Chamber Guide [pdf]
Electricity generation
G83/2 Single premises connections installation commissioning form [word]
G83/2 Multi premises connections application form [word]
G59/2 Connections ENA application form [word]
Work on the public highway
Terms and Conditions Unmetered Connections [pdf]
Highway Connections Service Request [pdf]
Metered Rent a Jointer Contract [pdf]
Unmetered Rent a Jointer Contract [pdf]