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power cuts

How do you get power back on during a major incident?

We can restore some power supplies on our high voltage network by remote control from our control centre.

How can I prepare for a possible power cut?

It isn’t always possible to predict, however, here are some precautions you can take if you do have a power cut

I depend on electrical medical equipment, what should I do during a power cut?

If you or a relative are reliant on necessary medical or other electrical equipment, please read this advice on what to do during a power cut.

How do you get my power back on?

Our automatic alarm systems usually alert us of any large power outages.

I've got a power cut: is there a problem with my electricity meter?

If you have got no power there might be a problem with your electricity meter.

What is 105?

Many people don’t know they should contact their local electricity network operator if they have a power cut.

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