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What’s a cut-out?

A cut-out is a piece of electrical equipment that forms the link between our electricity cable and the internal wires in your property. It marks where our electricity network ends and your internal wiring starts.

It is usually located next to your electricity meter and is the only piece of internal equipment that we’re responsible for (the electricity meter itself is the responsibility of your electricity supplier). It does a number of important jobs in ensuring the electricity you need passes safely and efficiently into your property.

It is directly attached to the main incoming power cable and contains what is known as the ‘main fuse’. This allows us to ensure that the right amount of power is coming in to the property. If too much power comes through the connection point then the main fuse will isolate the supply so that it does not get overloaded.

If you are looking to move your electricity meter then it is likely that the cut-out will also have to be moved or altered.

You must always treat a cut-out as live, even if there is no meter located next to it. If you have any concerns about its condition please contact us. Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself.

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