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Stuart is wild about badgers

Stuart Pevy is wild about badgers, he’s been watching them since he was 16. This summer he is spending his evenings watching his favourite family living in a remote woodland in the Surrey hills and has captured some enchanting photographs.

From News & press - 5 August 2021 12:00 AM

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Stuart, 56, has been watching the occupants of one particular sett (home) for the last couple of years and taking photos and videos of their antics during the summer months. This year there’s a male boar, two mums, who are sisters and have two cubs each, and a curious cub from last year, living in a sett he believes is hundreds of years old.

“They are so used to me I’ve had them sniff my feet. They know my scent. On a wet day I can follow them round a field if I’m very quiet.”

He pursues his hobby after a days work as a first response engineer based in Guildford for UK Power Networks.

As a child he watched badgers come into his garden and became hooked on the creatures. He had already developed a love for wildlife and badgers became his favourite.

Stuart considers himself lucky that he can watch the wild badgers in daylight. He said:  “Normally they are creatures of the night and urban badgers come out around 11pm when there are fewer people and dogs around. This fascinating family usually come out hours earlier because they are very remote and a long way from a road.”

It has become a lot easier to take hundreds of clear digital photographs on a woodland visit, compared to his teenage days when he used to take two rolls of film and pay 10p per photo to have them developed!

Sitting at a safe distance he watches nature, sometimes he leaves peanuts out for the badgers which has also attracted mice to the leftovers and in turn has attracted a Tawny Owl to the mice.

Stuart said the enjoyment is: “Just being in the wild in nature and watching it. The best time of day to watch are dawn and dusk. There’s a feel good factor to being out in nature.”

He puts his many photos to good use. Apart from adding them to the photo hosting site Flickr he also produces calendars for colleagues offices across UK Power Networks. The company is committed to the environment and Net Zero, and also has a Green Action Plan which includes improving the biodiversity at over 100 substation sites.