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£1.4 million power boost in Sundridge

A £1.4 million electricity supply investment is underway for local homes and businesses in Sundridge.

From Press releases - 17 April 2019 12:00 AM

The upgrade is one of several projects UK Power Networks will complete across the South East, London and East of England this year as part of a £600 million plan to upgrade and maintain a vast network of cables, wires and substations that deliver electricity supplies to millions of homes.

At Sundridge, new modern equipment will be installed to deliver safe and reliable power supplies and meet growing local demand for electricity. A large new 26-tonne ‘transformer’ (equipment which changes the voltage of electricity) was recently delivered to the substation and will soon be delivering local power supplies.

Farukh Amin, project manager at UK Power Networks said: “We are making this significant investment to continue providing reliable electricity supplies to households in the future. Customers connected to our network usually experience a very reliable power supply due to focused investment, ongoing maintenance and our expert engineering teams.

“This project represents a significant investment to meet increasing demand for electricity from existing local homes and businesses and keep supplying thousands of local residents with a safe and resilient electricity supply.”

Electricity enters the electricity substation in Sundridge at 33,000-volts and is stepped down by transformers to 11,000-volts, then delivered to local substations and on to serve individual homes. Engineers are constructing a new switch house and plan to install new electrical equipment that will be used to remotely control switches at the substation.

The company owns and runs electricity cables, power lines and substations which deliver essential electricity across more than a quarter of Britain and over the eight years to 2023 UK Power Networks plan to invest £6.6 billion in network improvements for local communities.

UK Power Networks delivers electricity supplies to 18 million people across the South East, London and East of England through a vast network of cables, power lines and substations. Power supplies in the areas it serves are highly reliable and the number of power cuts has reduced by 42% since 2010/11, when UK Power Networks began and the length of power cuts has reduced by 48%.