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£230,000 power boost for St Mary’s Platt

A £230,000 investment is under way to upgrade electricity supplies in St Mary’s Platt.

From Press releases - 17 March 2014 12:00 AM

A £230,000 investment is underway to upgrade electricity supplies in St Mary's Platt.

Electricity distributor UK Power Networks is installing 750 metres of new high-voltage cables between two electricity substations in the village to increase the reliability of power supplies.

The company, which owns and maintains the electricity network in Kent, is due to finish the six-week project by the end of this week. Staff have excavated a series of trenches to bury a duct line for new 11,000-volt electricity cables which will be pulled through the pipeline and joined to the power network.

There are also related investment plans to install a new electricity substation in the area later this year, plus a further 250 metres of cabling. This second stage of the scheme will give engineers greater capability to reroute power supplies around cable faults in the future, feeding supplies into the area via alternative electricity circuits.

Colin Barden, Head of Network Operations in the South East, said: “Maintaining safe and reliable electricity supplies is our priority at all times. Following faults on this section of our underground electricity network, our infrastructure planners have devised a scheme to reduce the likelihood of power interruptions and improve our ability to respond quicker in future.

“Once both projects are complete, the likelihood of power interruptions will be reduced and we will have more options to reconnect power supplies. The work is expected to have long-term benefits for the security of electricity supplies in the village. Meanwhile, we aim to keep the short-term impact of our roadworks on this community to a minimum.”

The current project involves excavating a series of short trenches in Grange Road and Comp Lane. Traffic restrictions have been in place to create a safe working area for the teams while they progress along the cable route.

UK Power Networks is investing approximately £500million this year to improve power supplies for homes and businesses across the South East, London and East of England.