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£400,000 power investment in Findon

Power lines are being upgraded in Findon to strengthen the electricity network, particularly in storms.

From Press releases - 1 May 2014 12:00 AM

Power lines are being upgraded in Findon to strengthen the electricity network, particularly in storms.

A £400,000 investment is underway by UK Power Networks to renew 5.6km of overhead power lines to increase the reliability of supplies. The lines stretch across rural areas either side of the A24 in the Findon area and deliver electricity supplies locally.

UK Power Networks keeps the lights on in Sussex and is constantly investing in improvements to upgrade the infrastructure which delivers electricity to homes and businesses. The project will help reduce the likelihood of power cuts.

The work involves replacing the existing system with covered power lines to help protect them from the impact of debris carried on the wind getting tangled in the power lines during gales. This can disrupt power supplies until an engineer has reached the scene and cleared the fault.

Thirteen electrical engineers are working on the five week project, which started on April 22. They are installing around 68 new wooden poles alongside the existing ones and stringing them with new power lines before switching off and dismantling the old electricity network.

Colin Barden, Head of Network Operations in the South East, said: “The new type of conductor we are installing will make our electricity network more resilient, particularly during high winds. We are replacing the poles, wires and metal fittings while increasing the capacity of the system. This type of equipment was built to last and has served people well but it’s time for an overhaul.

“Refurbishing this electricity circuit should increase the performance of this section of our electricity network by reducing the chances of power cuts in the future. We invest in new equipment for our electricity system constantly to drive improvements in the service that our customers receive.”

Across Kent, Surrey and Sussex there are about 16,500km of overhead power lines and 40,000km of underground cables. UK Power Networks is investing about £500million in its electricity networks this year to ensure they remain safe and reliable for its 8.1million customers.

To safely carry out the work there was a brief interruption affecting 140 customers at the start of the project to be followed by a brief interruption on completion. Those affected are notified in advance.