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Bird diverters installed in West Hythe

Bird flight diverters have been installed on power lines in West Hythe to help keep birds safe and maintain reliable electricity supplies.

From Press releases - 15 November 2018 12:00 AM

Bird diverters installed in West Hythe2.jpg

UK Power Networks engineers attached the safety deterrents to the line this week to protect swans which have been feeding in fields off Lower Wall Road. The brightly-coloured fluorescent strips help birds to spot the power lines and safely fly around them.

The work was carried out by linesmen who are highly-trained to work on live power lines, without turning off any electricity supplies in the area.

The engineers attached over 80 bird diverters onto the line along a 400-metre section.

The work has supplemented a number of existing bird diverters installed by the company as the birds roosting and feeding patterns have changed.

UK Power Networks has a well-established working relationship with the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton and the project was completed after the sanctuary found two swans had collided with the power line.

Tim Corby, overhead engineering team leader at UK Power Networks, said: “The birds fly in to feed on the crops late in the afternoon and because light levels are lower at this time of year they cannot always see the cable.

“That’s why we fit bird diverters to help steer the birds away from the power lines and keep them safe. It’s satisfying to know we can help prevent birds being injured and help ensure reliable power supplies for our customers.”

Heather Patrick, environmental adviser at UK Power Networks, said: “In areas where birds could be affected, such as known flight paths and feeding grounds and where there have already been collisions, UK Power Networks will always consider any concerns.”

For more information on working safely near overhead power lines in the countryside, see
For further information about the Swan Sanctuary visit: