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Bright sparks spot electrical hazards in Hastings

School children in Hastings will be spotting electrical hazards in a model street scene next week as part of a Safety in Action event.

From Press releases - 7 March 2017 12:00 AM

UK Power Networks’ safety game lets children discover 12 dangers using a ‘magic wand’ to test their electricity safety knowledge. A light comes on each time they point out a new hazard within the scene, such as kites, fishing rods or ladders near overhead electricity lines.

The company, which keeps the lights on in the South East, will also be teaching children to be aware of the “danger” signs they see on the company’s electricity substations and power lines and to Look Up! Look Out! to avoid any contact with the equipment.

The interactive game is part of a Safety in Action event for 750 youngsters organised by volunteer Trevor Green at Hastings Fire Station, Bohemia Road, for a week from March 13 to 17.

The 10 and 11 year-olds will be taking part in a whole range of fun activities with a serious message from a variety of organisations including East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, Sussex Police, South East Coast Ambulance, Hastings Borough Council, Southern Rail, Hastings Volunteer Lifeguards and Sussex Downs College.

Ros Forbes, UK Power Networks public safety adviser, said: “We support such events to help young people understand how dangerous electricity can be if it’s not treated with respect. It enables them to make the decisions that keep them safe.

“Fortunately, accidents are extremely rare and we want to keep it that way. This is an interesting way of getting the safety message across.”

Head of Community Safety, David Kemp, said: “Hastings Safety in Action is co-ordinated by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service and is an excellent example of partnership working. We aim to teach our local children how to deal with or avoid life threatening situations.”

UK Power Networks runs a Power Up website to help raise awareness about staying safe around electricity equipment with schools and educational groups. It is aimed at students aged seven to 16 and is packed full of fun facts, quizzes, downloads and useful information and resources for teachers and parents in line with the National Curriculum.

Did you know?
• High-voltage electricity can jump across gaps - keep well clear
• Human bodies contain 70% water and water conducts electric current really well. Ignoring the danger signs could result in an electric shock or death.
• If you are kite flying or fishing Look Up! Look Out! Check for overhead electricity wires
• Electricity will find the easiest path to the ground – always carry fishing rods, ladders or any other long objects horizontally to avoid contact with power lines