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Electricity network partners with leading charity to empower young people to get energy and money smart

Following a successful pilot earlier this year, UK Power Networks, the UK’s largest electricity distribution network, has announced it is expanding its innovative partnership with leading charity MyBnk to deliver financial and energy efficiency advice to primary school children.

From Press releases - 15 November 2018 12:00 AM

Buzz programme MyBnk.jpg

MyBnk, the UK’s leading charity providing expert led financial education to 7-25 year olds in UK, developed lesson plans and Manga inspired energy heroes to help primary school children understand how they could save energy. 

The Money Buzz programme, designed for school children aged 9-11, was trialed earlier this year in six London primary schools. Money Buzz is part of MyBnk’s flagship award winning programme ‘Money Twist’, which tackles attitudes and mindsets towards money such as delayed gratification and saving. The programme gives the children five money saving tips on how to make positive changes at home to reduce energy consumption and help their family save money and empowering them to challenge energy waste.

The programme forms part of UK Power Networks extensive energy efficiency programme that provides advice to customers who may be in fuel poverty. Money Buzz targets schools with a higher than average number of pupils eligible for pupil premium. Schools are paid a pupil premium payment for every child who receives a free school meal, this ensures the programme reaches children from lower income families  whose energy costs are a significant proportion of household income. Each of the programme’s workshops are backed up with teacher lesson plans and family packs allowing the pupils to continue their learning experience at home.

Speaking during Talk Money Week 2018 – an awareness week about giving people the power and the confidence to make the most of their money and improve their lives - Julie Minns, UK Power Networks Head of Customer Engagement said, “Saving energy saves money.  This is especially important for low income families where energy costs can form over a tenth of their household income.  Our partnership with MyBnk aims to give children and their families and carers the knowledge and the skills to save both energy and money.”

Guy Rigden, CEO MyBnk said “Just as we teach young people that money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s vital to show them how to manage a finite resource. By arming young people with the skills to use household energy efficiently we can help prevent debt, poor credit scores and ultimately, being cut off. Our partnership with UK Power Networks demonstrates how we can make money lessons real and from the classroom to the living room, embed positive financial habits into everyday life.”

260 children took part in the trial programme, and half pledged to turn off lights to help save energy after completing the lesson.  The expanded Money Buzz programme will be rolled out to even more school children, with almost 1,000 children expected to take part this academic year.