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Electricity safety message for children

Schoolchildren are learning how to stay safe around electricity in East Sussex this week.

From Press releases - 3 June 2014 12:00 AM

Schoolchildren are learning how to stay safe around electricity in East Sussex this week.

UK Power Networks, which keeps the lights on across Sussex, is using an interactive model of a street scene to teach children about the dangers of getting too close to electricity.

The event is part of Wealden District Council’s Safety in Action event at Bowles Outdoor Centre, Eridge, this week (June 2 to 6). More than 600 children are attending from 28 schools to experience practical safety sessions with the emergency services and other organisations.

UK Power Networks’ model street scene gives the children a safe way to learn about the dangers of electricity. They wave a wand through the street to discover what can happen when kites, fishing rods or ladders get too close to overhead lines. Electricity can jump gaps so anything which gets close to a power line could conduct electricity, with potentially lethal consequences.

Sonya Keating, UK Power Networks lead public safety adviser, said: “Fortunately, accidents are rare but this is an exciting way of getting the safety message across.

“It helps them to understand how dangerous electricity can be if it’s not treated with respect and also recognise the danger signs to enable them to make the decisions that keep them safe.”

Councillor Claire Dowling, Cabinet member for Public Health and Community Safety at Wealden District Council, said: “What helps make Wealden’s Safety in Action experience really memorable is the range of hazard situations the children get to experience. This is only possible through the excellent partnership working with organisations like UK Power Networks and other public services.”

UK Power Networks has a dedicated Power Up website to urge young people to stay safe around electricity. It is aimed at young people aged between seven and 16 and has facts, quizzes, downloads and useful resources for teachers and parents in line with the National Curriculum.