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Electricity staff take play safe message to Kent schools’ show

Hundreds of young people will be learning about the potential dangers of electricity in Kent next week to teach them how to stay safe.

From Press releases - 24 April 2017 12:00 AM

Staff from UK Power Networks, which owns and maintains the overhead lines, underground cables and substations which distribute electricity to eight million customers across the South East, London and East of England, are meeting young people at the Living Land event in Detling on Thursday, May 4.

Two thousand eight hundred school children from year groups three and four are expected to attend the event at Kent Showground where electricity workers will use a pretend electricity substation to show children why they must not go into electricity substations or ignore “danger” signs. The mock substation simulates what could happen if a person did go into a real substation.

Safety adviser, Ros Forbes, said: “This is a safe and fun way to get the message across to people to stay away from electrical equipment such as substations and overhead lines in the countryside.

“During the spring and summer months, children are often outside enjoying leisure activities such as kite flying or fishing so our advice helps them to understand how dangerous electricity can be if it’s not treated with respect and to recognise the danger signs.

“The most important thing to do if you are taking part in such leisure activities is to look out and look up to make sure there are no overhead power lines nearby that you could accidentally come into contact with.”

UK Power Networks runs a Power Up website to help raise awareness of these issues amongst schools and educational groups. It is aimed at students aged seven to 16 and is packed full of fun facts, quizzes, downloads and useful information and resources for teachers and parents in line with the National Curriculum.

Did you know?
• High-voltage electricity can jump across gaps - keep well clear and stay safe
• Human bodies contain 70% water and water conducts electric current really well. You could get an electric shock and might even die.
• Electricity in the home can also be dangerous if you don't respect it
• Electricity will always find the easiest path to the ground – always carry fishing rods, ladders or any other long objects horizontally
• If you are out and about enjoying recreational activities such as kite flying or fishing always remember Look Up! Look Out! Check for overhead electricity wires. Electricity can also travel through the string of a kite or carbon fishing rod.
• Electricity can kill. Don’t ignore the warning signs


Now in its 14th year, the Living Land event educates children about the countryside, farming, agriculture and healthy eating: All the spaces at the free, popular show were filled by Kent schools in ten days this year and organisers stress the event is not open to the general public.

Hannah Stimpson, event organiser, said: “Demand from primary schools to attend Living Land has yet again been huge, with schools eager to take advantage of a fantastic educational opportunity. The children love getting out of the classroom and into the fresh air where they can find out first-hand the connections between farming and the food they eat.”