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Final stage of Lewes power upgrade

The final stage of a £2million investment in electricity supplies in Lewes gets underway this week.

From Press releases - 5 June 2018 12:00 AM

Engineers from UK Power Networks have been carrying out improvements at an electricity substation that delivers power supplies to thousands of local homes and businesses.

This week work is starting to replace a second piece of equipment, known as a transformer, which plays a key role in keeping the lights on. The first 120-tonne transformer was replaced over the autumn and the next one is due to be delivered later this month to meet growing demand for electricity in the local area.

Once the new equipment is on site further work will take place inside the substation to connect it to the wider electricity system, then deliver electricity supplies across the town for years to come.

Gary O’Brien, project manager at UK Power Networks, said: “We have seen demand for electricity increase at this site over the years which is why this investment is being carried out now to make sure we meet future demand and maintain reliable electricity supplies well into the future.

“Electricity is vital and this is one of a number of projects we are carrying out across the South East this year to make sure we continue to provide a reliable service for our customers.”

The substation in Lewes serves over 36,000 customers and the new transformer will convert the electricity voltage from 132,000 to 33,000-volts, ready to be delivered to other, smaller local substations before reaching local homes and businesses, providing light and warmth and powering everyday appliances. The project is due to be completed by the end of July.

UK Power Networks is investing more than £500 million in its electricity networks in 2018/19 and more than £4.5 billion over the eight years to 2023 to maintain safe and reliable power supplies for homes and businesses, both now and in the future. The company delivers electricity supplies to 18 million people across the South East, London and East of England through a vast network of cables, power lines and substations.