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Happy hedgehogs head for their new home

Happy hedgehogs will have a spruced up new home thanks to a group of volunteers from UK Power Networks in Bury St Edmunds.

From Press releases - 4 September 2019 12:00 AM


The team from the company’s Connections department spent the day at Suffolk Prickles hedgehog rescue painting a lodge. They renovated the exterior of the wooden building at the charity’s home in Stonham so that the cute creatures can move from a nearby shed.

Hoggie Lodge will provide a meeting space and place to work with volunteers wanting to have hands on experience of hedgehog care. So far this year, Prickles has taken in over 130 hedgehogs to look after until they are grown, or well enough to be released.
The Bury team also worked hard clearing a ditch and built a support structure so that more holly bushes could be planted as wild cover for the little residents.

The voluntary work was part of UK Power Networks’ Donate A Day scheme which gives the company’s 6,000 staff two days paid leave each year to volunteer in their local communities.

It was the idea of team member Rachael Raine who is a keen environmentalist and knew that last year a report suggested UK hedgehog numbers had fallen by about 50% since the turn of the century. Rachael also obtained funding from her company to cover the cost of paint and brushes.

“Being a new charity they do need a lot of help and are trying to expand to meet demand. They are located not far from our offices and the owners seemed very helpful, organised and willing to help us have a team day volunteering with them,” said Rachael.

Paula Baker, who set up Suffolk Prickles, said:” The team worked really hard painting our Hoggie Lodge with its final coat of paint. What took one person a whole week to paint on his own took the team just a few hours, which was brilliant as we have so much to do we find it difficult to get these jobs completed. One volunteer was particularly amazing spending most of the day in the muddy ditch clearing it, then creating a small fenced area so that we can build up the bank with some soil and plant some more holly hedging.
It has given us a real boost with our plans for the lodge and we are all really grateful for the time given up to help us.”