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Heart-felt reunion with four-legged friend

An injured dog was reunited with its relieved owners after it was spotted straying onto a main road in Limehouse.

From Press releases - 16 February 2017 12:00 AM

Four legged reunion.jpg

Quick-thinking Christie Halsey was about to turn onto West India Dock Road on her way home from work as a project designer at UK Power Networks, when she saw the terrified lone dog in the centre of the junction and heading towards on-coming traffic.

Christie said: “The dog was in such a dangerous spot – surrounded by major roads with lots of traffic. I was really worried that she was going to get seriously injured or cause an accident.”

Christie later discovered the dog called Maggie, had been in an incident with a cyclist in Victoria Park earlier that day and bolted, traumatized, 2.5 miles to Limehouse.

She managed to catch Maggie and ingeniously used her lanyard (strap for her work identification card) as a makeshift lead to bring the hound to safety, before tracking down the owners.

Christie said: “It took me a while to track down the owners. I called the phone number on her collar but it went straight to an answering machine. I then took her into Limehouse Police station who suggested I call the council but I wanted to try again to get in touch with the owners so I decided to continue my journey. I walked home with Maggie and phoned again and this time they answered!

“They were so relieved that Maggie was safe. They came and collected her and it was a very heart-felt reunion.”

To express their gratitude the owners offered Christie a monetary reward, but instead she requested they make a donation to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to support the important work they do in rehoming vulnerable dogs and cats.

Christie said, of the incident on Tuesday (14th): “I was just happy to be able to help and know that if my dog was missing and in a situation like that, I would be so appreciative if someone helped out. It’s good to know that Maggie is safely back home where she should be”.