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Investment will boost electricity to Downham Market

A £2million project to help boost electricity supplies in Downham Market has now been completed.

From Press releases - 6 July 2015 12:00 AM

A £2million project to help boost electricity supplies in Downham Market has now been completed.

About 5,000 residents in the town are served by a substation which has been given a major revamp by UK Power Networks, which owns and maintains the vast network of underground cables, overhead electricity lines and substations which deliver electricity to the doors of eight million people across East Anglia, London and the South East.

The project is part of a £500million investment that the company makes each year in improving and maintaining its networks. During the eight years to 2023 £4.5billion is to be invested across the company’s distribution area to replace equipment, upgrade the network and secure power supplies.

The scheme has seen new technology being installed which means that, where possible, supplies can be restored remotely and in a much shorter time from the company’s control room rather than waiting for an engineer to travel to the substation.

Improved technology also means that newer, smaller, electrical equipment has been able to be moved into purpose-built buildings on the existing site, rather than having to be housed outside. Moving the equipment inside means it will be protected from adverse weather conditions and vandalism which can cause power cuts.

The scheme has also created more capacity on the network so that it will remain reliable now and into the future if there is increased demand such as the building of new homes and businesses in the area.

UK Power Networks project manager Jonathon Ratsey said: “This investment highlights our commitment to ensuring the lights stay on for our customers.

“Occasionally power cuts can happen, often through reasons beyond our control. This scheme gives us the flexibility to restore power remotely where we can, getting the power back on in minutes for our customers.

“We continue to invest in new technology to ensure we can provide the best service possible to our customers.”