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New data platform offers Net Zero energy insights

Unprecedented live insights into how power is flowing through local electricity networks, are being made available to help renewable energy firms in a new Net Zero data dashboard.

From Press releases - 2 March 2021 12:00 AM

DSO Dashboard beta 

UK Power Networks is building on the foundations laid out by the Energy Data Taskforce and taking on board feedback received from customers by offering real-time information about exactly what is happening on the electricity network in an accessible portal.

The ‘DSO Dashboard’, available at, works by providing detailed, real-time operational data on each part of the firm’s local networks listed by Grid Supply Point (GSP). GSPs are the point at which the national grid connects to the regional distribution network. It is the first time in the UK that operational data has been made available by GSP, and the first time users can access real time data on power flow and generation type.

The new platform is currently in ‘beta’ trial mode for now, with new regions such as London and more granular data to be added throughout 2021. UK Power Networks will continue opening up more insights as part of its transparent approach to becoming a Distribution System Operator (DSO), with more locally-produced power flowing into networks, as well as out.

The DSO Dashboard will help renewable energy firms locate new developments by showing where existing wind, solar and battery plants are located and where there is additional capacity available on the network for new connections.

Researchers and industry users will also be able to use the bank of data that will build up over time, to test theoretical models using real-world information and the insights could lead to innovative ways of unlocking new capacity on the network.

Barry Hatton, director of Asset Management at UK Power Networks said: “Today we have more than 170,000 generation points on our electricity network, compared to less than 100 a decade ago, which means the electricity network of today is vastly more complex. As we move towards being a Distribution System Operator it is fundamental that we have a very clear picture of exactly what is happening on the network in real time, and make that information available to all.”

Visitors to the new webpage will be able to find out:

  • Volumes of active and reactive power at each GSP and the trends over time
  • How much power is flowing through UK Power Networks transformers as the power moves from high to lower voltage and into customers’ homes and businesses
  • All of the power generators connected to the network and how much power they are producing at any one time

UK Power Networks will release more data on the platform based on the visitors’ information needs. Users can get in touch at to request more data or insights.  

The new dashboard follows the release of the company’s Open Data page in 2020, which gave access to its operational data. It also recently launched its 2021 Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan, available at, which outlined its intention to upgrade its data engineering capabilities.