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New electric vehicle guide helps pioneering fleet operators get into gear

A new guide to help businesses electrify their commercial fleets, has been launched by the UK’s biggest electricity distributor at the LoCITY roadshow.

From Press releases - 13 July 2017 12:00 AM

EV guide.png

UK Power Networks launched the guide at the event in London yesterday (July 12) to give fleet operators useful tips and information about the options available to connect to the electricity network. It also advises fleet operators to contact experts at UK Power Networks when they start their journey to invest in electric vehicles, to receive guidance on the charging connections available.

New electric fleets may need charging points installed on site and there are various options such as faster charging, to be considered. The guide explains what the connection process is for getting a new or upgraded electricity supply to power a fleet of vehicles, and estimates how much it will cost.

Steve Halsey, distributed energy development manager at UK Power Networks said: “As a responsible electricity network we want to help fleet operators embrace a low carbon future. The guide tells fleet operators everything they need to know, including what type of charging they need, how many vehicles can be charged at one time, if there needs to be an electrical infrastructure upgrade and how long the installation process will take.

“UK Power Networks has already connected Europe’s largest electric-only bus garage and is working with one of the world’s leading logistics companies on a project to build one of the biggest freight vehicle charge points in London. We want to make sure all fleet operators know what we can do for them.”

LoCITY interactive roadshows aim to help operators experience the latest ultra-low emission commercial vehicles. Participants hear from technology experts on current applications and future capabilities of each fuel, can ask questions to operators already using ultra low emission vans, and are able to compare costs of alternatively fuelled vehicles compared to their diesel equivalents.

LoCITY is engaging, supporting and preparing the freight and fleet industry for the implementation of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London in 2020