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Power firm hits twitter milestone

Helpful tweets about power cuts have been welcomed by social media users across London, the South East and the East of England.

From Press releases - 3 May 2013 12:00 AM

Helpful tweets about power cuts have been welcomed by social media users across London, the South East and the East of England.
UK Power Networks posted its 10,000th tweet on the social media service Twitter today (May 3), and the customer who prompted the tweet was given the information they needed, plus the message: 'This is our 10,000th tweet!! thanks to all those following and please share our details.’
The company has a dedicated Twitter team who offer social media 24-7 as an easy extra way to get in touch about electricity issues which can range from power cuts, to tree trimming and installing new connections to the mains network. They also tweet useful advice and more than 4,000 people have signed up as ‘followers’ on twitter.
One customer said: "Hi the electric came back on about 5mins after my tweet, I was well impressed you picked up on it. Thanks Brilliant use of twitter”.
UK Power Networks' success in using twitter for customer service has attracted interest from other similar companies and won praise at a national industry conference. 
Tim Field at the Energy Networks Association said: “I’ve seen at first hand how effective and integrated UK Power Networks’ communications and customer services teams are, at working to enhance their engagement with customers through social media. The Twitter example is a great one for others in the utilities sector to learn from.” 
Director of Customer Services Matt Rudling said: “Although power cuts in the areas we serve are getting less frequent and shorter, they can still happen occasionally for a variety of reasons. We know that if and when that happens, our customers don’t always want to talk on the phone or send a letter and may choose to tweet instead – so we’ve offered a Twitter service since early last year. 
“We look for social media conversation where we can help make life easier for our customers, and people are often pleasantly surprised that we give them answers without them even having to ask. They may have many followers in the area who could benefit from the info too. Of course we will always be available on our freephone numbers, and we send text messages and emails on request, as well."
People can also use the self-serve postcode checker at to get updates if and when a power cut affects their property, and view short videos about how to check their electricity meter or what to do with their freezer during a power cut.
The social media contacts for UK Power Networks are: