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Power walker’s island challenge

It’s not the way everyone would choose to spend a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

From Press releases - 29 April 2015 12:00 AM

Power walker's island challenge 2.jpg

It’s not the way everyone would choose to spend a relaxing bank holiday weekend.

Power worker, Melanie Webb, 58, from Heathfield, plans to power walk her way through two and a half marathons in just over 24 hours on Saturday for cancer research charity, Walk the Walk.

The UK Power Networks’ HR consultant in Hazelwick Avenue, Crawley, is testing her fitness and endurance in the 65-mile Isle of Wight Challenge. She works for the company which keeps the lights on for 8.1million customers in the South East, London and East Anglia.

Starting in Cowes just after 8am, a determined Mel will joins hundreds of other runners, joggers and walkers at the start line for a gruelling loop around the island on the scenic coastal path. The route runs past the Needles, cliffs and sandy beaches on England’s largest island.

Mel said: “I would like my weekends and evenings back because I’ve put in lots of training for this, walking 10 miles every other day and up to 28 miles a day at weekends. It will be the longest walk I’ve done by three miles and if I’m not ready now I never will be.

“I’m looking forward to the spectacular scenery and getting a nice pace going. The really hilly bits with the Needles and sheer drops will be in daylight and I’ll use a head torch at night. It’s a fully supported event with four major stops for rest, food and drink and to change plasters.

“I like the personal challenge and want to attempt something even bigger next year. At the end I might be tired and aching, but the sense of achievement is fabulous and I’m better prepared after last year when I did the 62-mile London 2 Brighton Challenge.”

Together with the London MoonWalk, which she is walking on May 16, Mel aims to raise £500 for Walk the Walk. The charity raises money for research into primary and secondary cancers, as well as supporting those that have cancer. The theme this year is ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ and Mel will be decorating her bra in a Beatrice Potter film theme.

Mel said: “My mother had breast cancer when I was eight, which she survived and thankfully she lived to old age. A couple of friends and colleagues have also had breast cancer so I’ve seen how it affects people and I like to support research that will beat this disease.”