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Regional leaders invited to make the most of the low carbon revolution

East Anglia’s leaders have been hearing from UK Power Networks how they can save money, earn income and improve their residents’ lives in the low carbon revolution.

From Press releases - 8 February 2019 12:00 AM

Barry Hatton-1.jpg

Britain’s largest electricity distributor hosted a local government forum yesterday giving councillors an insight into latest developments in the electricity industry including how councils can save and make money from their buildings to benefit their local communities.

The session also covered UK Power Networks’ strategy for investment in the electricity network in the East of England to maintain secure supplies for millions of homes and the work the company is doing to enable the growth of electric vehicles connected to its network.

Barry Hatton, director of asset management at UK Power Networks, said: “As thousands of new generators connect to our networks our role is to invest cost-efficiently to enable the transition to a low carbon energy system while continuing to deliver reliable electricity supplies.

“The diversity and intermittency of the energy mix as the UK decarbonises its energy chain presents opportunities for local government. As the local power distributor in the East of England we want councils to know about changes that could benefit them and the lives of local residents.”

For example, councils could use their buildings in certain postcodes to generate revenue streams from UK Power Networks for ‘flexibility’ services, such as reducing electricity consumption at buildings such as leisure centres or offices, particularly where they have solar power twinned with battery storage.

Ellen Goodwin, infrastructure manager at New Anglia LEP, urged local leaders to maximise the advantages from the shift to clean growth. She said: “There are opportunities to increase the number, quality and scale of local energy projects delivered in this area and raise local awareness of the opportunity for and benefits of local energy investment. We want to enable local areas to attract private and public finance for local energy projects.”

Councillors took away an energy guide for local government called ‘Making the most of energy opportunities’, helping councils to take advantage of the opportunities coming from changes in the way electricity is generated and delivered to homes, schools and businesses.