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Renewable energy powers a low-carbon Christmas

The growth of renewable energy has seen more than 4.5 gigawatts of wind and solar power connected to the local electricity networks in the South East and East of England – enough to power a low-carbon Christmas.

From Press releases - 22 December 2017 12:00 AM


When Santa Claus embarks on his journey around the world on Christmas Eve he will be powered by his eight trusty reindeer. But if he ever chose to hand over the reins and take to the road in an electric car, like the Tesla Model X, he would need enough electricity to drive 125,000 miles. Recent figures from Britain’s largest electricity distribution network show that the amount of renewable generation now connected to its network is equivalent to the power required to get Father Christmas round the world not just once but 15 times in a present-laden electric car.

Or to put it another way, UK Power Networks now has the equivalent renewable generation connected required to:
•             Cook two million turkeys on Christmas Day
•             Power every household’s television in Britain to watch the Queen’s Speech
•             Light every Christmas tree in Western Europe
UK Power Networks is Britain’s largest electricity distributor, delivering electricity to London, the East and South East. Earlier this year the company launched its vision to create an electricity network that responds to the changing demands of electricity generators and consumers.

In the coming years more people will have the opportunity to generate, store and even sell their own electricity and UK Power Networks is responding to this changing world while continuing to provide safe, reliable services for all customers.

In the future, everybody is likely to have the opportunity to be both a producer and consumer of energy. Peer-to-peer trading will allow people to trade energy with each other at a local level, which will enable local community energy schemes and smart cities. These local energy networks can serve their own energy needs and provide surplus power to the distribution system operator.

Matt Rudling, Director of Customer Services, said: “Every day we deliver the safest, most reliable and lowest cost electricity supply to our customers, and that supply is now generated more cleanly and more locally than ever before. If Father Christmas did decide to swap his reindeer for an electric car then it’s increasingly likely a large proportion of the electricity he’d use would be locally generated from renewable sources.”