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Safety in numbers as record numbers engage with power company’s messaging

More people than ever before in the areas covered by UK Power Networks have learned the importance of staying safe around electricity during the past year.

From Press releases - 30 August 2017 12:00 AM

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UK Power Networks, the electricity distribution company which keeps the lights on in the East of England as well as London and the South East, has played a central role at a series of safety events in recent months.

The majority of these have been aimed at young people who undertake fun actitvities with a serious message about the potential dangers of electricity.

With a dedicated team of five education and engagement advisors, and support from volunteers within UK Power Networks, the company has worked with 27 external agencies and organisations across all three networks to tell its safety message in a proactive way.

In 2016/17 UK Power Networks provided safety information to a total of 42,233 people across all the areas it serves – a 10% increase of 3,879. The vast majority of these – 36,249 – were young people who will hopefully remember those safety messages for life.

From farmers to trades people or large vehicle drivers to kite flyers and anglers, from April 2016 – March 2017 UK Power Networks engaged with the public on its safety advice at 46 events. Almost 70% of the events were also supported by volunteers from the company.

Outside of the work with schools, in the Eastern region alone, more than 5,000 people interacted at events which covered a number of sectors, including targeting the area’s large agricultural community.

Ros Forbes, UK Power Networks safety adviser, said: “To improve public safety by raising awareness of the potential dangers of contact with our electricity network, we pledged to increase the amount of young people and members of the public seen directly through community safety events and to increase the number of staff volunteers supporting local community events.

“Through the Crucial Crew safety events we talked directly to 36,249 young people within our local communities, providing vital safety messages on staying safe around electricity with an overall figure of more than 42,000 people of all ages engaged with.

“We support events across all regions, including the East, to help people understand how dangerous electricity can be if it’s not treated with respect. It enables them to make the decisions that keep them safe.

“Fortunately, accidents are extremely rare and we want to keep it that way. It is hugely satisfying that this past year has seen us meet more people than ever before.”

UK Power Networks has a Power Up website to raise awareness of the safety issues. It is aimed at young people aged between seven and 16 and has facts, quizzes, downloads and resources for teachers and parents in line with the National Curriculum.

During the year 2016/17, the Power Up website has seen 151,004 interactions. There is also now the opportunity to sign up to receive a regular newsletter.

Did you know?
• High-voltage electricity can jump across gaps - keep well clear
• Human bodies contain 70% water and water conducts electric current really well. Ignoring the danger signs could result in an electric shock or death.
• If you are kite flying or fishing Look Up! Look Out! Check for overhead electricity wires
• Electricity will always find the easiest path to the ground – always carry fishing rods, ladders or any other long objects horizontally

105 is a new free number you can call if you have a power cut, to get through to your local network operator which runs the cables and power lines delivering electricity to your area.