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Sparky’s purrrfect rescue

Sparky the kitten has lived to tell the tale thanks to a dramatic rescue from an electricity wire.

From Press releases - 14 March 2014 12:00 AM

Sparky the cat.jpeg

Sparky the kitten has lived to tell the tale thanks to a dramatic rescue from an electricity wire.

The nine-month old kitten was spotted sitting on the low voltage overhead power line in Mill Road, Rochford, too scared to scramble back down the way he had come.

And now he is safely back down to earth, the RSPCA is appealing to the owners of the adventurous kitten to come forward. He is currently being cared for at one of the RSPCA’s centres.
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and the RSPCA were called to the scene to help with the plight of the stricken kitty, who was eventually rescued by two linesmen from UK Power Networks.

UK Power Networks delivers electricity to eight million customers across East Anglia, London and the South East through its vast infrastructure of overhead power lines, underground cables and substations.

Linesman Lee Merritt was with his colleague Luke Campe when they received the call to attend the scene at about 4.40pm on Tuesday (March 11). He went up in a cherry picker to rescue the terrified feline.

Lee, who works from UK Power Networks’ Southend office, said: “The poor little thing was really scared and just sitting on the line - it didn’t know what to do.

“Some cats will really fight you in that situation but he was just so desperate to get down that he jumped straight into the bucket of the cherry picker.

“We named him Sparky after his little adventure.”

After 35 years working as a linesman, Mr Merritt said this kind of situation was rare and that he had only had to rescue about three cats from power lines during his career.

Once rescued, Sparky was handed over to RSPCA inspector Anna Glozier.

Anna said: “It took my breath away when I first got there and saw poor little Sparky so high up in such a tricky spot. Who knows how he managed to get himself all the way up there – perhaps he was chasing a bird or had become spooked by something.

“Thankfully the UK Power Networks staff came out really quickly after I called them and did a great job getting him down. He is a really special little cat – he just jumped straight into the man’s arms and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. 

“Unfortunately Sparky has no micro-chip so there could be a very worried owner out there not knowing where he has gone. Although he is so adorable, I don’t think it will be hard at all to find a new home for him.”

If Sparky is your kitten, please contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.