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Swimmers put their backs into it!

A Norfolk swimming club is hoping it will continue to produce top athletes now it has two backstroke wedges, thanks to a Team Sport Award from UK Power Networks.

From Press releases - 25 March 2020 12:00 AM



The wedges have been bought by West Norfolk Swimming Club (WNSC) and will be attached to swimming starting blocks during training to help swimmers grip with their toes at the start of a backstroke race.

The club, which is based at St James’s pool in Kings Lynn, was given £250 through Lewis Wells, a hot glove linesman based in Kings Lynn for UK Power Networks. Lewis has worked for the company for 40 years.

Both his sons learned to swim with the club and now compete at a high level. 

Nathan, 22, is currently studying for a Masters in chemical engineering at Loughborough University where he also trains and competes at English and British national levels. He is hoping to qualify for the British national this year but still travels back home to compete for WNSC in important competitions. In the recent Norfolk County Championships he took seven county titles and was top swimmer in his age group. Brother Joe, 20, is the WNSC team captain and is a subject mentor at Springwood High School Academy, in Kings Lynn.

Lewis explained that swimming was an expensive sport for parents and any improvement at the club is usually paid by parents through increased training fees or fundraising. “I think the scheme is a good idea. It is always good to see the company giving something back to the community.”

UK Power Networks Team Sport Award scheme is run by the company to encourage staff to volunteer in the community and is aimed at promoting healthy living, teamwork and developing sports opportunities. Last year more than 70 local sports teams connected to UK Power Networks’ staff benefitted from the cash awards.