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Top 100 graduate employer

Graduates have voted UK Power Networks among the Top 100 companies to work for in The Job Crowd’s 2014/15 national annual awards.

From Press releases - 17 June 2014 12:00 AM

Graduates have voted UK Power Networks among the Top 100 companies to work for in The Job Crowd’s 2014/15 national annual awards.

The electricity distributor was ranked 67th and made the Top 10 in the Energy, Energy Support Services and Utilities sector for the second year running.

The Job Crowd is the country’s leading graduate jobs review website – graduates post anonymous reviews of the companies they work for.

UK Power Networks owns and maintains the underground cables, substations and overhead power lines which deliver electricity to the doors of eight million customers across London, the East of England and the South East.

Emma Barbour, talent acquisition partner at UK Power Networks, said: “These awards allow potential applicants to get an insight in to what it is like to work for our organisation from the comments and ratings submitted directly from graduates that already work for us.

“The survey is anonymous so companies that want to take part need to be prepared for good and bad comments, but I am pleased to say that the results were great.”

A survey was sent out to the company’s 32 graduates earlier this year. The company is scored against a number of factors like company culture, career progression, training and responsibility.

Reviewers said the company is “very focused on graduate training” and provides a “wide range” of “excellent” training courses. They said courses and placements available provide “so many opportunities to learn about the many departments and aspects of the company and industry”. The company supports its graduates in taking additional qualifications and provides them with a mentor to enable them to “work towards chartered engineer status” as part of their career development. Colleagues are “very willing and able to pass on their knowledge and experience”, senior management are “very visible” and “keen to inspire and support”.

The flexibility offered in choosing placements is also widely praised – graduates are given the “freedom to organise…placements based on company needs and own interests”. The net result is that UK Power Networks graduates believe that “you are able to progress in your career in this company faster than in other companies” and they rate career progression highly. Reviewers also continually praise the company for its “great efforts to continually improve as a company”. They say that “a very strong emphasis is made upon continuous development”.

The Job Crowd guide will be distributed on university campuses in September and the electricity firm hopes it will attract undergraduates to apply for its graduate scheme. UK Power Networks employs 5,200 people and runs a number of schemes to encourage young people to join the electricity industry. There are three programmes available to graduates – the Engineering Programme, the Business Programme and the Information Systems Programme.

The Top Companies for Graduates to Work For in 2014/15 is based on thousands of reviews written on by employees in their first three years of work at hundreds of UK graduate employers.

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