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UK Power Networks drives forward school reading bus after pupil’s personal appeal

A handwritten letter by a school pupil to UK Power Networks has prompted a substantial donation to help steer a school library bus back on course.

From Press releases - 21 July 2017 12:00 AM

bus2 Potters Bar.jpg

A year six pupil at The Wroxham School in Potters Bar carefully penned the letter appealing for funds to repair and maintain the bus, which has been in place since 2010, but recently taken a turn for the worse.

The bus has huge educational value for the children, acting as a library first and foremost, but also providing pupils with a place to relax, transporting them into the world of books.

A radio station broadcasts to the playground via the bus, but the vehicle has fallen into disrepair in recent months and urgently requires new lighting and an improved heating system.

The letter, signed personally by 11 year-old Eleanor Wilson, described the bus as ‘beloved’, but added it has become ‘unusable’ in some aspects and extra money would make a ‘big difference to a small school’.

UK Power Networks, which distributes electricity to eight million customers, provided a £600 donation as part of its Community Matters programme with a representative of the company visiting the school.
Sally Barker, the year six teacher at Wroxham School, said: “The bus is still in use, but is really showing its age now. So each child in the class composed a letter to different organisations we felt might be able to help us revive it, because none of us want to lose it.
“The bus is in a prominent place in the playground and is there to provide us extra library space, but there are challenges with maintaining it. There is moss growing on some of the windows, putting the books at risk and it can often be either too hot or too cold in there depending on the season.
“The year six pupils are at an age where they are thinking about moving on, but they want to leave a legacy. Restoring the bus for future generations of children here would be a fantastic way to do that for the school community as a whole. It is a big project, but an exciting one.
“We are grateful to UK Power Networks for responding to our plea and it was fantastic for the pupils to see their efforts rewarded, in this case it was Eleanor, but everyone has worked hard in the class to try and bring money in for the bus.”
Alex Sturge, head of Communications and Engagement for UK Power Networks who attended the school to meet the pupils, said: “It was clear from the handwritten letter we received just how much this bus means to the pupils and their obvious upset at how it had declined as a facility.

“Engaging with and making a difference to the local communities we serve is important to us and it is always pleasing to see the funds help young people striving to make a difference to their surroundings.

“We look forward to the bus regaining its former glory and once again proving a learning hub for the children at the school. A facility where you can do everything from relax with a book to broadcast on radio promises to have a positive impact for many years to come.”