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UK Power Networks trainees paving the way for smart meter roll-out

UK Power Networks has revealed its first team of smart meter trainees, who will be part of a nationwide roll-out, led by the country’s energy suppliers.

From Press releases - 24 April 2014 04:58 PM

The crew have just started an 18-month long training programme to enable them to support the national smart meter roll-out in communities across London, the South East and East of England.

They will learn what to do when called in by energy suppliers facing technical difficulties connecting their new smart meters to UK Power Networks’ electricity network. This work will involve replacing pieces of equipment, known as the ‘cut-out’, which joins the customers’ internal wiring to the electricity mains.

Smart Meters are being installed to supply customers with the information they need to manage their energy use and ensure an end to estimated billing, meaning customers only pay for the energy they use. Although the national smart meter roll-out is led by the UK’s energy suppliers, and requires them to install meters across Britain, UK Power Networks has a vital role to play in the implementation of the roll-out in our regions. That is why we are working closely with the energy suppliers to ensure that the transition to smart meters is as smooth as possible for the customers we serve.

UK Power Networks is committed to giving opportunities to people in the communities we serve and with the national smart meter roll out set to accelerate over the coming years there are sure to be further opportunities to join our growing number or trainees and apprentices. These trainees are the vanguard of what will become an increasingly important element of our business as we ensure that our customers are able to have access to this new and exciting technology.

Paul Morris, smart meter intervention planning manager at UK Power Networks, said: "This new recruitment programme is a key part of our strategy to support energy suppliers with the smart meter rollout. We are delighted to be recruiting our first smart meter intervention trainees dedicated to helping the national smart meter roll-out work as smoothly as possible."

In addition to the new smart meter traineeships, UK Power Networks offers popular foundation and advanced apprenticeships for those wanting to train as electrical jointers, linesmen and fitters. Find out more about becoming a trainee.