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Weather update

We have seen exceptionally high winds and rain recently across the regions we cover – the East of England, South East and London – which caused power cuts when overhead lines were damaged or brought down by trees, branches and other wind-borne debris.

From Press releases - 20 February 2014 12:30 PM

Our electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can cause damage beyond our control. Since the high winds started on Friday 14 February, our engineers worked tirelessly around the clock to restore power to more than 376,000 homes and businesses, in extremely challenging conditions.

All counties were back to normal by Sunday 16 February with the exception of a small number of isolated properties where we may have had access issues.

What did we do to prepare for this weather?
• We worked very closely with the Met Office before the storm and put in robust plans to minimise the disruption you may experience from a storm of this scale.
• We arranged additional staff to cover all key roles, and increased the volume of engineers, call centre staff and additional resources to be available at short notice.
• Our emergency teams reviewed existing plans and our customer champions were made available.
• We invest in a partnership arrangement with the British Red Cross and requested that they were ready to activate their volunteers to support vulnerable customers in areas where power supplies are affected.
• We provided improved information updates for local authorities and parish councils so they can join the effort to help inform local areas too.