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Your rights if you have electricity equipment on your land

Your rights if you have electricity equipment on your land

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To enable us to supply electricity to all homes and businesses within our area, it is sometimes necessary to place our equipment (both overhead and underground) on private land.

Rights for this equipment is often granted through either a:

  • Wayleave Agreement, which is a personal agreement between us and the landowner.
  • Deed of Easement, which is a permanent right registered against the title deeds of your property.

These agreements set out the various rights and obligations between us and the landowner (Grantor). It also sets out our commitments to maintain and operate our equipment on your property in a reliable and safe way.

Where a substation is located on your property or within your building, we will generally hold a Lease or Freehold interest in the land with associated access and cable rights. To ensure power supplies are restored quickly if a fault occurs, access to a substation must be maintained and kept unrestricted at all times.

Power lines claim companies

We are aware of a number of 'Powerline Claim Companies' who offer to act on behalf of private landowners on differing terms, either: no fee, one-off fee or a percentage of a settlement figure.

UK Power Networks offers a common set of rates for claims on the Low Voltage network, which are available directly from UK Power Networks at no cost or through your chosen Agent. For claims on assets of a higher voltage please contact UK Power Networks directly or via your chosen Agent.

Got a question?

We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with all our landowners (Grantors) and are committed to dealing promptly with any queries you have about current agreements or works being undertaken on your property.

The area we serve covers more than 29,000 square kilometres from The Wash in the East to the River Arun on the South Coast. Please check if you’re in our area here.

For all enquiries about electricity equipment on your land, wayleave or lease payments or questions about consent for us to keep our equipment on your property please call us on 0330 1591 841 (Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm) or email us