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Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

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The consortium approach

When areas of our network are highly utilised or a distributed generation customers' proposed installation is remote from our assets a new distributed generation connection applicant may be required to contribute towards the cost of network reinforcement. The costs of such network reinforcement or new connection assets can sometimes undermine the viability of an applicant’s scheme.

To overcome this one option available to distributed generation developers is to form a consortium with other distributed generation customers wishing to connect to the same area of the network. The advantage of this approach is that by applying as a consortium the cost of the reinforcement that is triggered and the costs of the new connection assets themselves may be shared between the members of the consortium.

UK Power Networks Consortium Database

In order to facilitate the formation of consortia of distributed generation developers we have developed a potential consortia database. The database allows individual distributed generation developers to register their projects and their potential interest in forming a consortium. Details of new distributed generation developers and projects registered will be emailed regularly to those who have registered to appear on the potential consortia database. By registering for your details to be added to the database you consent to your information being shared with others who register.

Potential consortia may then approach UK Power Networks to discuss the viability of making a combined application for your multiple connection sites. Where there is agreement to proceed with a combined application, UK Power Networks will then issue the consortium with a formal offer for the connection works required to provide a complete connection scheme. This formal offer will need to be accepted by all members of the consortium.

The facility is not intended to confer an advantage on any particular users, but to allow connection costs allocated to an consortium to be shared fairly and properly between the distributed generation developers who are members of the consortium.

Legal information

Any user of the potential consortia database must ensure that such use is in compliance with all applicable laws including competition law.

By registering for inclusion of your details in the potential consortia database by using the form in the link below (available once the check box has been ticked), you are agreeing:

  • For your information to be shared via the UK Power Networks’ potential consortia mailing list
  • To our Terms and Conditions of use; and
  • To our privacy policy

Please click here to read our Consortium Database Terms and Conditions.Your particular attention is drawn to the clauses in bold text.

 I can confirm that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Please send completed forms to