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Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

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Useful links

South East Coast Connections Commercial Factsheet [pdf]

National Terms of Connection


Management of Capacity Response (December 2014) [pdf]

Management of Capacity (Table of Events updated February 2016) [pdf] 

UK Power Networks Stakeholder Consultation – Community Energy (November 2015) [pdf]

UK Power Networks Stakeholder Consultation – Community Energy (questions only)

Connection agreements

Marked up Metered Connection Agreement [pdf]

CON 00 025 Connection Offer Credit Terms Standard


ENA Energy Storage System - Further Information Request

Electrical configuration example [pdf]

Templates and forms

Letter of Authority template [doc]

G59/3 DG checklist to accompany ENA application form [xls]


Requirement for safe systems of work on private EHV networks [pdf] 

Engineering Recommendations

ER G59 RoCoF settings modification >5MW by 1 August 2016

Service Level Agreements

Provision of System Protection Settings for Load and Connections Related Projects - SLA [pdf]

Provision of Network Parameters for Connections Related Projects - SLA [pdf]

Useful web links

G81 – Design Specification Library 


Regulatory information - find out about our Use of System Charging Methodology

Feed-in Tariffs

National Electricity Registration Scheme

Who is my network operator?

The Renewable Obligation

Fault and outage information - please send request to DG-Q&

Request form for fault and outage information [pdf]


The last 12 months in Distributed Generation