UK Power Networks - New permanent supply for over four properties or more than one commercial property
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Permanent connection for over four properties or more than one commercial property

Permanent connection for over four properties or more than one commercial property

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You would require a new service where there are no existing cables, (either overhead or underground) to your property.

Depending on the area of our network in which your property falls, you will be provided with a new service either by an overhead line or an underground cable.

Services will be suitably sized for your demand and be delivered at Low Voltage (LV) at 230/400 volts or High Voltage (HV) at 11,000 or 33,000 volts.

Services will be fed from our passing network where possible and depending on the size may have to be fed directly from a substation.

You may be required to provide space for a substation on your site, again depending on the load required and the area of our network in which your property is located. Where there is no passing network in the street or it has a limited capacity, we may need to lay a new or larger main by which to provide your service, or upgrade or install a new local substation; this is known as reinforcing our network.

New electricity supply for
How much will it cost?
How long will the work take?
How long will it take to get a quote for the work?

Over four properties (low voltage)

From £4,200

Typical average price: £10,250

10 weeks once you have paid

11 working days

More than one commercial property


12 - 14 weeks once you have paid

25 working days

Large commercial development


Up to 26 weeks once you have paid

50 working days

Other large power requirements over 1MVA


Up to 2 years once you have paid

50 working days

The above is indicative information based on standard connections, the timescales are from quote acceptance and receipt of payment. Please be aware that during periods of high workload the times indicated may vary.
What next?
1. Enquiry & Application

To start the process, we need to provide you with a budget estimate or a formal quotation. For this we need to understand details of your project for example, the types of equipment you’ll be using and when you need power.
2. Assessment & Design

We will assess your application to ensure that we have all the information needed and we will contact you for any missing details. Once your project has been designed we will email you an offer or send in the post if required.
3. Acceptance & Payment

If you wish to accept the offer, you need to do two things; 1. Sign and return the acceptance form. 2. Make Payment - your payment and acceptance form must be with UK Power Networks before 5pm of the offer expiry date, otherwise your offer will lapse.
4. Project delivery

Your project will be sent to our delivery team who will provide you with their contact details and allocate a field engineer to manage and deliver your project. This engineer will be your point of contact throughout the work.
5. Install metering

Please be aware that we don’t supply any electricity meters. To arrange for a meter to be installed so the electricity connection can be utilised, you will need to appoint an electricity supplier (please note that you can appoint any electricity supplier that you like).