UK Power Networks - Report trees that need cutting near power lines
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Report trees near or in contact with overhead power lines

Report trees near or in contact with overhead power lines

0800 029 4280

We carry out a continuous tree management programme that aims to assess and prune trees, which could interfere with our overhead lines and equipment. Despite our best efforts, some trees will grow into our electricity network, and might cause problems with the electricity supply.

If you are concerned that your trees are in contact with our overhead electricity lines or equipment please contact us. We will then undertake a site visit to check the risks, offer advice and if necessary arrange for one of our specialised teams to cut the trees.

We can only prune trees back enough to ensure they no longer come into contact with our overhead lines or equipment. If landowners require additional tree work, we can turn off the power at an agreed date and time, free of charge to enable the landowner to employ a tree surgeon (at the owners cost) to safely complete works to their specifications.

Please be aware that any branches that we cut are the responsibility of the tree owner to dispose of.


Is it affecting your power?
Trees can sometimes grow into our overhead power lines, causing problems with the electricity supply. If the tree is hitting the cables, causing arcing and sparking or affecting your electricity supply call us free on 0800 31 63 105 or 105. 
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