UK Power Networks - Temporary isolation of overhead lines
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Turn power off temporarily

Turn power off temporarily

0800 029 4280

We can arrange for the overhead electricity cables to be switched off temporarily whilst tree trimming is being carried out.

One of our engineers can complete this work for you, they’ll need you to be there at the property.

How long until an engineer can visit me?
We’ll always aim to book you in for the next available appointment that is convenient for you. We can offer you a morning or afternoon appointment slot and you’ll have more choice if you book at least ten days in advance.

We will try to complete the work on that day however sometimes it isn’t always possible and we may need to arrange a second visit. Please note that there is the possibility that we may have to turn the power off temporarily whilst carrying out the work but we’ll tell you first.

Other requests
For some requests you will need to contact your electricity supplier to turn off your power temporarily.

For example:

  • If you are an electricity network operator who needs the electricity supply made safe whilst you maintain low or high voltage equipment
  • If you are an electrician or electrical contractor who needs to work on a customer’s electrical equipment

In these circumstances please contact your electricity supplier. Click here to check to check who your supplier is.