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Upgrade my electricity fuse

Upgrade my electricity fuse

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It is important to check with an electrician that the work is absolutely necessary. Often, houses with a 60-amp fuse will not need an upgrade based on the pattern (diversity) of power use. For example, a gas-heated house may only use an average of 2.5kW over a given period. This means the installation of a power shower or induction hob may not require the fuse to be changed.

How long will the work take?

4 - 6 weeks from payment

The anticipated total time for these works is four to six weeks from payment for simple works.

How much will this cost?

Our price is from £0

Customer requests for service fuse upgrades from 60A or 80A supplies shall be upgraded to 80A or 100A supplies as appropriate at no charge to the customer.

This shall require an assessment of the service cut-out and service cable and may require replacement of both if necessary to support the additional load. The customer will need to engage with their Electrician to ensure that the tails and earth cable from their fusebox/distribution board to the meter are of adequate cross sectional area to accommodate the upgrade.

For loads above this rating a formal application will need to be made.

To understand your specific requirements, it is likely that we will need to send an engineer to your property or site.

     Here are three examples. Please note that the cost of each option increases.

Example 1

Change the service cable termination and supply the main fuse (known as a live cut-out change)

Example 2

If the service cable termination cannot be changed with the main cable live (known as a standard cut-out change), we may need to replace the main cable before working on it.

Example 3

Replace your whole service to give you the power you require. This may require roadworks.

It is important that we know where your current meter is located. It would also be really helpful if you can supply us with a picture of your installation including cut-out/service head.

If you need us to install a larger main fuse in our equipment and it does not involve any other work then we will not charge you for this service.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact our team on 0845 234 0040.

What next?
1. Enquiry and application

Once you have an understanding of the potential costs involved and you are confident that you wish to go ahead. Please complete and submit an application form.
2. Quotation

Having applied, we will provide you with a formal quotation. This will be valid for 90 days, after which time the quote will expire
3. Payment

We require full payment before any work is started. Normally we accept card payments, cheques and BACS/CHAPS.

When you pay we will appoint a co-ordinator who will support you in getting your connection delivered.
4. Site visit

We will arrange a site visit to firm up plans. It is advisable for you and your electrician and possibily your builder to be there. Sometimes we might need to undertake a site visit before you have made payment.
5. Agreeing dates

We may be able to provide dates for your work with you on site. If we can't we will contact you to agree dates.
6. Your on-site work

You will need to carry out any on-site works according to the design drawn up at your site visit. You also need to ensure your electrician has completed all his works and prepared a certificate that your electricity supplier will want to see when they connect your meter.
7. Making your connection

If your new or altered supply requires us to carry out any excavations we will normally complete this one or two days before the electrical works. It is helpful if your electrician is available on the day we complete the electrical works.
8. Installing or moving your meter

You will need to arrange for your electricity supplier to fit or move your electricity meter. You should give your electricity supplier at least two weeks' notice. If you have not arranged metering you will be without power. If you are having a new meter installed we will provide you with an MPAN number to give your electricity supplier.