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Top FAQ’s that you may have on how we handle your data. 

Your data controller is UK Power Networks (Operations) Limited which may be contacted at

Our nominated Data Protection Officer is Bill Blackburn. 

The Data Protection Officer (the “DPO”) is responsible for monitoring our compliance with the GDPR, for informing and advising our business of its obligations in relation to the processing of personal data. The DPO is the point of contact with the ICO, the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, and is the person to whom you should direct any enquiries.

Bill can be contacted at

We will process your personal data to:
• connect your premises to one of the electricity distribution systems that we operate;
• continue the connection of your premises to one of the electricity distribution systems that we operate - whether that involves the repair of faults, its inspection, its maintenance and / or its replacement;
• answer an enquiry that you make of us in relation to the distribution or supply of electricity to you;
• make returns to Ofgem our regulator, for example so that it may survey you for your opinion about the service that you have received from us;
• provide your meter point administration number to the supplier of electricity to your premises;
• include you in our Priority Services Register so that we can help you if your supply of electricity is interrupted;
• contact you about an interruption in the supply of electricity to your premises;
• pay you for any electric line and/or electrical plant on your premises.

We will process your personal data:
• because you have given your consent – for example you have provided it to us when you made an application to be connected to one of our electricity distribution systems; or you have contacted us about something that relates to your electricity supply, for example a fault on our electricity network that is interrupting supply of electricity to you;
• it is necessary to do so to perform a contract to which you are party or to take steps at your request before we make a contract with you;
• to meet our legal obligation to distribute electricity to you;
• to protect your vital interests or those of someone else;
• to perform a task in the public interest: the distribution of electricity; or
• to pursue our legitimate interests.

We will give your personal data to:
• our contractors, for example to make a connection to or to repair a fault on the electricity distribution system to which you are connected or for us to do work in proximity to it;
• Ofgem and its contractors or to allow you to be surveyed by Ofgem;
• Your electricity supplier to enable billing.

• Until you no longer want your premises connected;
• To connect your premises to one of our electricity distribution systems: 12 years from its energisation;
• Wayleaves and easements: until the electric lines and/or electrical plant to which they relate are removed;
• If you are on our Priority Services Register: until you or your energy supplier tell us that you no longer wish to be on that register;
• Data received from your supplier to allow us to tell you about an interruption in the supply of electricity: until your supplier provides us with more recent data for those premises;
• Questions that you ask about our service, for example the occurrence of a fault and its repair: until the connection is no longer required;
• Where we have not mentioned a period, the criteria by reference to which we will determine our retention will be whether the data will help us perform our legal obligation to distribute electricity, whether to you or others. 

Yes, at any time.  If you do so and we do not process your personal data for any other lawful reason, we won’t be able to deal with the matter which required you to give us your consent.  

You can:
• object to the processing of your personal data;
• request access to and rectification of your personal data;
• request erasure of your personal data (in certain circumstances);
• ask for your data to be transferred.

 To discuss these matters further, please contact us by emailing

The provision of your personal data is a legal requirement to allow us to distribute electricity to you: without your personal data it may be difficult or impossible for us to perform all of our legal obligations to you, which could affect your ability to receive electricity.   So, for example, if you refuse to provide us with your name, address and contact details in an application for a connection to one of the electricity distribution systems that we operate, it will not be possible to provide that connection.   Another example: If you or someone in your household has a disability or wider vulnerability and remove yourself from our Priority Services Register, we would be unable to help you when your supply of electricity is interrupted.  It is for you to decide whether having electricity/receiving assistance is important to you.

Yes.   If you are unhappy with the way in which you think UK Power Networks has dealt with your personal data, please contact our data protection officer to give him the opportunity of trying to put matters right for you.  If you want to complain to someone else, you may complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

No, we do not. 

No, we will not.