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Be Bright Stay Safe Campaign– Download materials and get free leaflets

From Safety

UK Power Networks has launched its Be Bright Stay Safe campaign which calls on associations, businesses and individuals to follow safety advice, in a bid to reduce the number of electrical network incidents that take place on our network each year.

Be Bright Stay Safe seeks to:

  • Raise awareness of the risks of the distribution network,
  • Increase understanding of how to work safer around the network,
  • Motivate people who work around or may come into contact with the distribution network to adopt safe behaviours,
  • Promote partnership working to share, encourage and promote positive safety conversations – a call to action,
  • Reduce the number of incidents associated with the electricity network,
  • Support and endorse ‘Everyone has the right to go home safe after a day’s work’.

We are committed to the safety of our staff and customers. Coming into contact with the electricity network results in serious injuries or even fatalities. This has a far reaching and devastating effect on family, friends and colleagues.

Our campaign aims to support safe working, promote safe behaviours and encourage the sharing of information and knowledge and highlight the real risks of coming into contact with electricity.

See all of the companies that already support our campaign


Please support our pledge to Be Bright Stay Safe

Click the image below to download our Pledge and make a real commitment to safety. Let everyone know that you support safety, encourage positive behaviours and will raise awareness among your colleagues.

 Download these leaflets and join the campaign:


Underground cables carry a powerful electrical charge which can be conducted through machinery and equipment with fatal consequences. Anyone working close to live underground cables should take the time to read this simple leaflet and identify the precautions they should be taking.

Watch our excavation safety animation



You could be at risk when:

  • Using farm machinery such as combine harvesters, tractors and telehandlers
  • Loading or unloading vehicles
  • Using long objects such as irrigation pipes and ladders
  • Stacking materials
  • Using lorries, wagons or tipper trailers
  • Working in poor visibility

Watch our Farm safety animation


Overhead Lines

Overhead electricity power lines run across the countryside, supplying local communities with power. The wires can be on wooden poles as well as metal pylons and carry voltages from 230 volts (domestic supply) up to 400,000 volts. Depending on the voltage the wire will be at different heights above the ground.


Watch our Overhead Power Line safety animation



Low voltage electricity service cables enter properties from underground or at roof level. These cables are not always visible. They can be hidden or out of sight. Under floorboards, behind cavity walls, painted over, in ceilings or behind cladding.


Watch our trade safety animation



You could be at risk when:

  • Using fishing equipment such as fishing rods and their lines. Almost all material can conduct electricity.
  • Unpacking and packing away equipment - unpack, set up and put away your fishing rod at the water’s edge after you have completed your safety checks.
  • Fishing in low light conditions - overhead power lines can be very difficult to see in low light conditions, especially at night. 




Plan your work so it avoids high risk areas. You should manage the risks if you intend to work within a distance of 10m. Contact UK Power Networks for advice on shrouding or disconnections before starting work.



Watch our Haulage animation


Tree Trimming

Where equipment or machinery is used near overhead power lines the risk must be considered and controlled in the interest of everyone. Download your free safety leaflet



Watch our trade safety animation


General Safety

Every year, people are killed or seriously injured when they come into contact with high voltage electricity.

If you have our electricity equipment on your land or property, UK Power Networks can work with you to provide safety advice and guidance to ensure that you, and anyone using or working on your land, are aware of the risks and stay safe.




Camping and Caravanning

Look up, Look Out! Distractions, routine, rushing to set up camp can all impact on safety when pitching your caravan or tent.



Watch our recreational safety animation

Watch the overhead line safety film for the haulage and construction industry.


Watch the overhead line safety film for the Agricultural industry


Cab Sticker



Think B4 U Dig


Be Bright Stay Safe Poster


Additional leaflets and resources

Think before you dig sticker
Vehicle cab sticker
Safety near power lines whilst flying or gliding [pdf]
Safety near power lines in boats [pdf]
Safety around electricity in an emergency [pdf]
Safety for hot air ballooning [pdf]
Be Bright Stay Safe leaflets Poster [pdf]
Excavation - Think Before You Dig Poster [pdf]
Excavation Stop Think Before you Dig! Article [pdf]
Farming - Harvest Safe Article [pdf]
Farming animation article [pdf]
Farming Pledge Article [pdf]
Farming top tips leaflet [pdf]
Haulage look out look up article [pdf]
Haulage Pledge article [pdf]
Haulage Poster [pdf]

Further safety information

Health, Safety and Sustainability Policy

Be Bright Stay Safe Poster

Harvest Safe

Visit the Health and Safety Executive website

Download GS6 'Avoiding Danger from Overhead Powerlines' guidance note

Download HSG47 'Avoiding Danger from Underground Services' guidance note

Work Safe. Stay Safe. Think Electricity – Safety Article for Tradesperson(s)

Load Safe - Stay Safe - Go home safe