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A big thank you to all of the companies that have signed up to our campaign and made a real commitment to safety. Read their pledges.

‘Promoting the campaign on social media and directing our members to it.’

‘Making our employees aware of the risks with electricity. Distributing the ‘Look Up – Look Out’ information referencing electricity & the risks within our RAMS. Doing a feature on electricity in a future safety bulletin.’

‘Training and communication methods such as CAT refresher training, TBT, poster and safety alert campaigns.’

‘Continuing to raise awareness and understanding of the risks associated with electricity by encouraging safe behaviours and promoting JCDecaux safety procedures for working near electricity.’

‘Support on social media. Run a piece in our monthly 'Registered Gas Engineering' magazine.’

‘The Federation of Window Cleaners is happy to support the UK Power Networks Campaign as we consider it vital to keep our membership aware of the risks associated with using aluminium ladders and waterfed poles near overhead power cables. Safety is paramount and we actively encourage 'Look Out Look Up' within our safety training courses.’

‘NASC will reference UK Power Networks in all its publications that relate to any/ all electrical works. Raise awareness to our members of UK Power Networks activities and campaign.’

All of our buckets, attachments and loader equipment all goes out with a 'Look Up, Look out' sticker on it. We also, during our product installations, explain to operators the dangers of working near to over-head power lines and the safe practice of working near/ or under them and what to do if they strike an overhead wire.

  • Raise awareness of ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ with UKRS members through our monthly newsletter ‘The Forum’
  • Encourage our members to share pictures and stories of safe working practices
  • Include the Be Bright Stay Safe logo on UKRS literature and communications
  • Follow and share UK Power networks safety communication on Facebook and Twitter
  • Add #bebrightstaysafe to UKRS twitter messages
  • Add the link to UKRS website of free, downloadable ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ campaign resources so they can be accessed by UKRS members

  • By carrying out presentations to our customers (which include Scaffold Companies, Farmers And highways authorities and their contractors)
  • Through our Underground Avoidance CAT and GENNY training we will highlight the dangers and raise awareness when working around UKPN apparatus and underground electric cables
  • Through our Overhead Awareness training we will highlight the dangers when working in Close proximity to UKPN overhead network, plant and equipment
  • We will actively distribute leaflets, publications and literature to promote the excellent work UKPN provide in keeping the public and organisations safe while carrying out their day to day activities

Continuing to be vigilant and working with our grower base to act safely within the vicinity of overhead power lines.

Sharing with our utility aborist working group. Sharing with our membership via digital media.

We will share the Be Bright Stay Safe campaign messages with our members and our staff.

Sharing safety information with the industry through all our communication channels and working collaboratively with UK Power Networks to raise awareness and understanding of the risks associated with electricity.

Pro-actively engage and consult collaboratively with staff and colleagues to embed safe working in all areas.

Blog posts, social media posts and support newsletter articles.

Raising awareness and sharing safety information with our national network of NPTC Assessors and NPTC Assessment centres through our regular newsletters so they can promote safe behaviours to individuals starting a career associated with the electricity distribution network. Encourage our specialist Utility Arboricultural (UA) Assessors to promote the key messages during recertification assessments to individuals already working on and around the distribution network. Promote the campaign and associated resources through our websites and social media channels.

Avidety will continue to support and promote our behavioural safety programme and also raise awareness of risk by sharing safety information on our social media platforms.