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A big thank you to all of the companies that have signed up to our campaign and made a real commitment to safety. Read their pledges.

FLI Water
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Improve behaviour across our workforce through effective communication and positive safety conversations.
  • Raising of awareness to the risks posed to us and others and by ensuring that the control measures in place are suitable and sufficient to effectively reduce and control those risks and by abiding by our company mantra that ‘Nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely’

We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Continuous improvement initiatives to raise competency of workforce via the Instalcom Centre of Excellence (ICE) training facilities.
  • Mind set safety behavioural programme. Generate positive engagement through toolbox talks to promote monthly themes to ensure individuals are in the ‘right mind set’
  • Positive interventions. Regular site visits by Directors and Senior Leadership Team with informal approach to promote the sharing of best practice and identify lessons learned.
  • Good Ideas. Encourage feedback from workforce and supply chain partners on innovations, business improvement and safety processes to maintain a ZERO Harm environment.

Apex Scaffolding Anglia Ltd
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Conduct tool box talk with all operatives
  • Circulate Be Bright Stay Safe material
  • Display on Health and Safety Board

UK Scaffolding S.E

  • Communicate all safety communications with our staff and clients
  • Identify overhead power lines on quotation visit and then get these sleeved and identified in RAMS.
  • Get staff in habit of checking for overhead lines before they even load or unload.

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery

  • By displaying safety guidance in our workshop & breakrooms and ensuring staff are aware of the dangers of working around the power network

Forkers Ltd Civil & Ground Engineering Contractors

  • Ensure that all our workforce and supply chain (Contactors) are suitably trained.
  • Ensure that our workforce and supply chain adhere to safe digging practices, procedures, and guidance (such as HSE HSG47, HSE GS6, and Look Out Look Up)
  • Share best practice across the company and with stakeholders such as toolbox talks, bulletins, guidance, etc.
  • Promote safe dig practices, safety behaviour, and culture across the business ensuring that underground and overhead strike avoidance is our number one priority.

Crawley Borough Council
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Promoting all electrical safety issues to our contractors and tenants

Sedona Civils
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Use Be Bright logo, TBTs, share information, raising awareness & understanding of the risks, adopt safe behaviours & promote small steps lead to big changes

We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Promote awareness amongst drivers working near overhead hazards when tipping
  • Promote awareness amongst machine operators and or underground hazards when breaking ground
  • Carry out training in control measures to avoid the risk of contact with live conductors

We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Ensure all our workforce have received training on safe excavation techniques
  • Provide eCAT 4+ avoidance tools
  • Fully investigate any instances of poor practice

Water Management Consortium
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Ensuring our workforce are all occupationally competent to carry out their duties in the safest manner possible, whilst ensuring that we have a robust training matrix in place at all times.

Haselton Construction
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Ensuring appropriate signage is in place and visible where necessary
  • Encouraging staff and clients to voice their opinions on the potential risk involved

Boundary Fencing UK
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Adding booklets to Rams

Train for Group
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Working alongside UKPN to promote awareness of overhead cables
  • Integrating potentially with our driver CPC/transport manager CPC course

Hackney Council
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Ensuring safe working practices, if not already adopted, are done so by all key stakeholders, and contractors
  • Promotion of safe working practices at key meetings

John Henry Group
We shall do this by taking the following action:
Undertaking safe working practices when working near live UK Power Networks services and sharing good practices.

Smart Awards Ltd
We shall do this by taking the following action:

  • Raise awareness of ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ through Smart Awards Centres
  • Encourage centres to share pictures and stories of safe working practices with their learners
  • Include the Be Bright Stay Safe logo on Smart Awards literature and communications
  • Follow and share UK Power networks safety communication on Facebook and Twitter
  • Add #bebrightstaysafe to Smart Awards twitter messages
  • Add the link and content to Smart Awards website of free, downloadable ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ Campaign resources

Silverton Aggregates
We shall do this by taking the following action:
We shall do this by taking the following action: To work within the requirements of the GS6 to undertake risk assessments of our works to provide safe systems of work, information, instruction and training to all of our drivers and plant operators.

Twenty Twelve Civils Ltd
We shall do this by taking the following action:
We shall do this by taking the following action: To risk assess all work adjacent to or below overhead power lines. To provide information, instruction and training for all staff with training as required.

A & S Aggregates Ltd
We shall do this by taking the following action:
Putting Look Up Look Out stickers in all tipper trucks
Adding our safety leaflets into their new driver handbooks

Freedom Group
‘Freedom will continue to support UK Power Networks by promoting safety through our brand and values and our TLC approach of Take a moment, Lead by Example and Challenge don’t walk by. This is embedded throughout our business and supply chain with our behavioural safety programme and regular contract safety stand downs and team talks. We will raise awareness of risks with UK Power Networks and all contractors as well as within our business by sharing safety information through our teams briefs, setting to work, social media, business systems and promoting UK power networks brand, values and safety themes alongside our own.

Clancy Docwra - The Clancy Group
‘We will support the campaign by communicating all positive safety messages, adopting the safety behaviour culture and share any information that may aid the campaign

‘We shall do this by taking the following action:
•  Promote a safe dig culture within our workforce
•  Ensure safe dig processes & procedures are followed at all times
•  Share best practice across the business

Marlborough Highways Ltd
‘We shall pledge by sharing and follow safe practice guidances on ukpowernetworks portal. Marlborough engages a team of experienced APS (Asset protection Specialists) with their specialist equipment to trace and mark all underground services prior to our construction team arrive the sites. Marlborough have developed safe systems of work for excavation work which is roled out on all our sites. Our site crew are provided with advanced survey equipment and trained on safe practices.

CTM Root Corp Systems
‘Promoting care and attention to safety in our driver instruction and operator set up by applying Look Out Look Up stickers to our machinery.

Agrovista UK
‘Promote the Be Bright Stay Safe campaign within our sector of agriculture, by sharing across social media and beyond. We will encourage our staff and customers to re-familiarise themselves with the required safety behaviours in increase awareness

National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC)
‘The NAAC will promote safe working practices and share information with its members

‘Continued commitment working in alliance everyday with UK Power Networks, to keep our people safe from harm.

Datum Groundworks
‘Providing staff trainging to Be Bright Stay Safe as well as ongoing assesments and knowledge sharing.

Orange Fox Electrical
‘* Share information via social media and internal communications.
* Actively promote UKPN's safety messages alongside our own.
* Continue our commitment to robust Health & Safety procedures which are communicated to all employees on a regular basis.
* Be open to all new suggestions and keep up to date with information.

CPC Civils
‘Will be providing frequent bulletins, safe dig training & HSE47 training, upskilling managers on service strike avoidance. Promotion of our procedures through service strike investigations & continued collaboration working with stakeholders.

Ardent Hire
‘Will be working to identify a solution that identifies concealed cables as part of their excavator hire.

‘Will be providing a forum for asset owners and excavators to share best practice guidance. To promote safe digging through roadshows, social media and the USAG website. To keep the industry updated on key risk information.

‘Will promote 'Trench Safety' to our customers using the Be Bright Stay Safe Resources.

‘We shall share vital safety information, processes and procedures with the land and property industry, our colleagues, partners and clients.

‘I will share a link to your safety leaflets to my readers every time I write an article related to Home or Garden DIY Improvements

Harrow Council
‘We will share the Be Bright Stay Safe information and knowledge to our supply chain‘

East Anglia Fly Fishing
‘We shall do this by sharing the hashtag #BeBrightStaySafe information to our Facebook group and website.‘

National Federation of Demolition Contractors Ltd
‘We shall do this by taking the following action: Provide awareness and understanding of the Be Bright Stay Safe campaign. Education the industry workforce on best practice, and share vital electricity safety information with our members.‘

Line Search Befor U Dig
‘Promoting on social media and via online channels where appropriate. Referencing relevant inormation on UKPN plan responses as required. Undertaking joint industry awareness where appropriate.‘

‘Sharing best practice with other companies working on utilities. Making servie avoidance the No. 1 priority in our behavioural safety approach. Providing our team with the right information, training and equipment to work safely. Promote the campaign during inductions and toolbox talks‘

‘Encouraging members to adopt safe working practices’

‘VolkerFitzpatrick will encompass ‘Be Bright, Stay Safe’ in our Service Location and Avoidance Programme (‘SLAP’) strategy and as part of our behavioural change programme ‘Plan, Attitude, Lead Share’ (‘PALS’). This will help to ensure that our employees and supply chain understand the risks associated with working near electricity and exhibit safe behaviours, further supporting our aspiration that everyone goes home safe every day.’

‘We will train, support and encourage our workforce to be safe and work safe at all times.’

‘Promoting the campaign on social media and directing our members to it.’

‘Making our employees aware of the risks with electricity. Distributing the ‘Look Up – Look Out’ information referencing electricity & the risks within our RAMS. Doing a feature on electricity in a future safety bulletin.’

‘Training and communication methods such as CAT refresher training, TBT, poster and safety alert campaigns.’

‘Continuing to raise awareness and understanding of the risks associated with electricity by encouraging safe behaviours and promoting JCDecaux safety procedures for working near electricity.’

‘Support on social media. Run a piece in our monthly 'Registered Gas Engineering' magazine.’

‘The Federation of Window Cleaners is happy to support the UK Power Networks Campaign as we consider it vital to keep our membership aware of the risks associated with using aluminium ladders and waterfed poles near overhead power cables. Safety is paramount and we actively encourage 'Look Out Look Up' within our safety training courses.’

‘NASC will reference UK Power Networks in all its publications that relate to any/ all electrical works. Raise awareness to our members of UK Power Networks activities and campaign.’

All of our buckets, attachments and loader equipment all goes out with a 'Look Up, Look out' sticker on it. We also, during our product installations, explain to operators the dangers of working near to over-head power lines and the safe practice of working near/ or under them and what to do if they strike an overhead wire.

  • Raise awareness of ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ with UKRS members through our monthly newsletter ‘The Forum’
  • Encourage our members to share pictures and stories of safe working practices
  • Include the Be Bright Stay Safe logo on UKRS literature and communications
  • Follow and share UK Power networks safety communication on Facebook and Twitter
  • Add #bebrightstaysafe to UKRS twitter messages
  • Add the link to UKRS website of free, downloadable ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ campaign resources so they can be accessed by UKRS members
  • By carrying out presentations to our customers (which include Scaffold Companies, Farmers And highways authorities and their contractors)
  • Through our Underground Avoidance CAT and GENNY training we will highlight the dangers and raise awareness when working around UKPN apparatus and underground electric cables
  • Through our Overhead Awareness training we will highlight the dangers when working in Close proximity to UKPN overhead network, plant and equipment
  • We will actively distribute leaflets, publications and literature to promote the excellent work UKPN provide in keeping the public and organisations safe while carrying out their day to day activities

Continuing to be vigilant and working with our grower base to act safely within the vicinity of overhead power lines.

Sharing with our utility aborist working group. Sharing with our membership via digital media.

We will share the Be Bright Stay Safe campaign messages with our members and our staff.

Sharing safety information with the industry through all our communication channels and working collaboratively with UK Power Networks to raise awareness and understanding of the risks associated with electricity.

Pro-actively engage and consult collaboratively with staff and colleagues to embed safe working in all areas.

Blog posts, social media posts and support newsletter articles.

Raising awareness and sharing safety information with our national network of NPTC Assessors and NPTC Assessment centres through our regular newsletters so they can promote safe behaviours to individuals starting a career associated with the electricity distribution network. Encourage our specialist Utility Arboricultural (UA) Assessors to promote the key messages during recertification assessments to individuals already working on and around the distribution network. Promote the campaign and associated resources through our websites and social media channels.

Avidety will continue to support and promote our behavioural safety programme and also raise awareness of risk by sharing safety information on our social media platforms.

    Brace Turner Ltd
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Ensure UK Power Networks pledge is promoted within our operatives training.
    Angling Trust
  • Promoting the ‘Be bright, stay safe’ message to our message to our members and send material to fisheries and angling clubs.
    Kentec Training Ltd
  • Delivering the stay safe theme within our training courses.
  • Actively promoting the stay safe campaign with a call to action on our website, social media and news blog.
  • Display campaign poster within our training centre.
  • Actively adopt safe behaviour within our own company
    Considerate Constructors Scheme
  • Signposting to the campaign and sharing best practice on the Best Practice Hub
  • Communicate and share safety messages via variety of communication channels
  • Support and promote the campaign via social media
    Matthew Body Plant Hire
  • Promote the Be Bright Stay Safe information via proactive toolbox talks
  • Ensure the understanding of cables and the risk they pose
  • Displaying safety stickers in machinery and on equipment