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We own and maintain electricity cables and lines across London, the South East and East of England making sure your lights stay on. We maintain and upgrade power equipment. We move and connect new electricity cables. Check if we cover your area here. We’ve changed names so you may know of us as the electricity board or other names.

Your electricity supplier is the company you choose to buy your electricity from, and who you pay your bills to. If you look on your bill - part of what you pay is given to UK Power Networks for running and maintaining the power cables in your area.

As an overview we are the right people to speak to:

  • If there's a power cut in your area
  • If you need a new power supply or need to make changes to your existing supply
  • If you need any maintenance carried out near or on overhead power lines, for example cutting trees back from power lines or covering overhead cables to protect them

Power cuts don’t happen very often but if the electricity network faults or is damaged it’s our job to get your lights back on quickly. The sooner we hear about a power cut, the sooner we can work on restoring the power.

If your power goes off please call us 24 hours a day on 0800 31 63 105.

For any other enquiry please call 0800 029 4285.