Substation issue

We regularly maintain our substations. However if you spot an issue with a substation please report it to us so we can fix it. 

Typically customers report this when:

  • Damage to a substation fence or wall

  • Graffiti or vandalism

  • Litter or fly tipping

If you notice any damage to one of our substations or think your situation is dangerous, please stay away from the equipment and call us 24 hours a day on 0800 31 63 105 or 105 (free to call from a landline or mobile).

        Did you know:

An electrical substation is essential for keeping the lights on

We have hundreds of electrical substations in London, the South East and East of England powering homes and businesses. We regularly maintain these, however sometimes we need your help to spot issues. If you’ve noticed an issue with a substation, please report it.

Fly tipping at a substation

Steps you need to take

Call us
We'll visit the substation
We'll make repairs 

Common questions

Contact us

Call us

Free to call from a mobile or landline phone. Lines are 24 hours