Smart Connect

Installing a new device to a single dwelling/premise connected to our electricity network? Check to see if your connection is eligible to be raised using our online Smart Connect portal.

The demand for low-carbon technologies (LCTs) such as electric vehicles, electric heating and solar PV is increasing as consumers look to decarbonise. Smart Connect is a connections portal which we have developed to provide installers and consumers with a more efficient way to connect their device to our electricity network.

Why use Smart Connect?

Smart Connect is a free service and accounts can be created for individual installers or customers. For those completing requests as part of a company, you have the ability to link accounts and get visibility of requests made using any accounts linked to that company.

Smart Connect offers a range of benefits which include:

  • An automated assessment to reduce processing times and issue instant approval when criteria are met 
  • Automatic referrals to our internal teams if required (for example upgrading your main electrical fuse)
  • Simple dashboard with a view of all of your requests and the status
  • The ability to add images and supporting documents to your request including commissioning documents
  • Search functions to help you easily find requests you have raised with us 

Watch our video for more information on how to use Smart Connect.

Eligibility criteria 

Currently, Smart Connect can be used when:

  • Connecting one or multiple new Low Carbon Technologies (LCT).
  • Connecting at an existing single dwelling/premise (domestic or non-domestic).
  • The premise has an existing electricity connection of up to a three phase supply with 100amps per phase.  

LCT applications which do not meet this criteria should use the relevant forms for the type and size of device. This includes LCT connections in multi-occupancy buildings.  

Image of solar panel on the roof of a detached house

Eligibility LCT types

Smart Connect can process connections for the following domestic LCT's:

  • Electric Vehicle charge point (EVCP)
  • Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) EVCP
  • Heat pump
  • Solar PV
  • Battery storage

How to use Smart Connect?

Please follow the steps below

Begin by checking our eligibility criteria to ensure Smart Connect can be used for your device
Register and log in to Smart Connect. (Please note, if your company is already registered, you will need to be registered by an existing user)
Once your logged in, you will arrive onto your dashboard, where you will be able to create and check the status of your applications
If you're completing a new application, once you have submitted your application, we will send you a confirmation email with the application details.
We will also email you once we've carried out an initial assessment. You will either receive approval to connect or an email to let you know what further checks we will carry out. If we need more information, we will get in touch. 


Information you will need for your application 

Installation details 

  • Installation address (Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) required if address not found)  
  • Permission from the property owner
  • Customer contact details 
  • Proposed installation date

Electricity supply

  • Type of domestic premise
  • Maximum demand of premise including proposed device
  • Number of incoming phases
  • Earthing arrangement 
  • Main fuse / Cut out rating and image
  • Details of import or export limitation devices (if applicable)

Equipment details

  • Details of any existing devices (date of installation, make, model and rating)
  • Details of proposed device (If the device is listed on the ENA database, application may be processed quicker than devices not listed)
  • Relevant device certification i.e declaration of conformity, type test certification

Generation or storage devices

  • Single line diagram (showing the location of the emergency isolation switch)
  • Site layout / plan (must include site boundary) 

Ready to go ahead?

If your device meets the Smart Connect eligibility criteria, the next step is to get registered or log in to raise and track your requests.  

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