Supporting our employees

1 June 2020

We’re proud to be one of the top ten Best Big Companies to Work for 2020 – and never has that become more relevant than during the coronavirus, which has tested most employers across the UK. Classified as keyworkers, our employees are our greatest asset as they continue to deliver reliable power supplies and be there for our customers. We have not furloughed any employees, including those who are shielding and cannot work.

We’d like to thank all our employees who are working hard in operational and support roles, to keep everyones’ power flowing across the areas we serve.

Here are some of the ways we're supporting our employees

1. Prioritising safety and wellbeing

For our teams out in the community we introduced anti-viral PPE and extra safety processes in line with government advice, plus extra vans so they could travel singly.

  • Provided webinars to learn about subjects including how to be a healthy homeworker.
  • Introduced a WorkingWell toolkit which signposts employees to our 250+ mental health first aiders.
2. Covid securing our offices

Our employees will continue to work from home where possible. We are Covid securing our offices and staff have been taken on a virtual tour to show them the new working environment. Our Colchester office is one of the first to implement the new safety measures and is being used as a module example for all of our other sites.

The new measures include a temperature check camera at the entrance of the building, hygiene stations, step and pull levers on the bottom of doors which can be opened by foot, social distancing signs on floor, one way staircases and desk seating will be two meters apart. We continue to follow government guidelines and work hard to ensure the safety of our staff.

3. Providing practical support

To help our 6,000-strong workforce during these difficult times, we continue to offer employees loans, mental health support and a free employee assistance line providing counselling, financial advice, legal consultation and health advice. 

  • We launched a new scheme to support the expenses of employees needing care for vulnerable relatives living with them. 
  • We provide food supplies for operational employees during shifts, to reduce any journeys to the shops.
4. Keeping employees up to date with the latest information
  • Our chief executive has issued daily videos, online Q&A sessions, and emails to keep teams informed and able to ask questions. 
  • We’ve made virtual ‘toolkits’ to help our employees work effectively and efficiently from home, ranging from how to run Skype calls, to looking after their wellbeing and how managers can help their teams while working remotely. 
  • Yammer platform continues to be used by hundreds of employees to chat and keep in touch about work and other subjects like home schooling. 
5. Help support local communities where they live and work
  • In our employee recognition scheme, nominations from colleagues can now be converted into cash for NHS charities according to an individuals’ choice.
  • We have launched a new app for our engineers so they can directly help customers in vulnerable circumstances in the community. The app hosts useful information on medical support, coping with social isolation, wellbeing tips and more.

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